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Projects: Howard County Fair started by examing the existing Access database system used by the Fair to keep track of the animals etered and their exhibitors. Much of the database structure was reproduced to a MySQL database on the web. Then it was a simple task of using PHP to create the web pages allowing an individual to enter a project in the Fair.

Howard County Fair - Exhibitor Info

Exhibitor Info:
The first page available to the public requests information about an exhibitor: name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and email. It also provides a choice of departments to enter the first animal in. This is followed by a screen asking for the category the animal should be entered in (categories vary with the department, so this screen is not shown).

Howard County Fair - Livestock Info

Livestock Info:
This page displays the information provided about the exhibitor, and asks for information specific to the animal, such as the animal's name, class, date of birth, and whether or not it is part of a 4-H project. At this point, the exhibitor can choose to enter more animals into the same department, enter animals into a different department, or enter no more animals.

Howard County Fair - Registration Complete

Livestock Info:
The final page in the entry process is a summary of the exhibitor's entries. It shows the exhibitor's personal information, as well as information on each animal they entered into the Fair. It calculates the combined entry fee of all the animals, and sends a copy of this summary via email to the exhibitor. All the data is stored in the MySQL database for retrieval and importation into the existing Access database program used by the Howard County Fair Association.

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