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Projects: Metropolitan Washington Ear


The Metropolitan Washington Ear runs a radio reading service for the visually impaired, meaning that volunteers come into the studios each day to record newspapers, magazines, and other print materials for broadcast. Over the years, they've used various media for the recordings: cassette tape, digital audio tape (DAT), and MiniDiscs. The main problem with all these media are that they are real-time, meaning they cannot be easily edited or copied faster than they were recorded.

Enter A one-unit high rackmount machine was built for each studio running Microsoft Windows NT WorkStation and Syntrillium CoolEdit 2000. They were then networked with a master machine in the Control Room, and a Local Area Network was installed so all the files can be shared. Volunteers were then trained not only in recording themselves to the machine, but also in editing their mistakes instead of relying on the engineer to fix things for them.

Cost savings: no more constant maintenance of multiple professional-quality audio devices. No more replacements of those devices. No more purchases of media that wear out quickly with repeated use. Fewer engineering hours required.

Products used in this project can be found at the following locations:

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