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Every once in a while, we'll come across websites and pieces of software so good, we use them on a day-to-day basis. Here are just a few that may help you achieve your goals.

Online Utilities

Bobby Worldwide - Helps website authors identify and repair significant barriers to access by individuals with disabilities. Analyzes sites using the U.S. Federal Government's Section 508 guidelines; and using the WAI Conformance A, AA, and AAA guidelines. Software availabe for purchase; multiple platforms supported. - Allows you to find out the truth about various computer virus myths and hoaxes.

Web-Safe Colors - See all 216 web-safe colors on one page. May help you to choose a color pallete for the next site you put on the web.

RGB-to-Hex Calculator - Convert RGB color values to hexadecimal color values (and vice versa). Javascript required.


98 Lite - Install Windows the way you want to, with only the features you want. Eliminate "internet integration", improve system stability, speed-up Windows 9x, and remove Internet Explorer. Windows 95, 98, ME.

NoteTab from Fookes Software - Need a fast and efficient text and HTML editor? Try NoteTab. Full support for user-configurable text macros. Three levels of licensing to fit your needs (Lite, Standard, and Pro) Windows, all versions.

WinBatch from Wilson WindowWare - A batch-language that can either run with an interpreter, or as a compiled program, WinBatch is indispensible for automating multiple tasks in a Windows environment. Windows, all versions.

QuickMix from Martin Saxon Systems - Easily store and retrieve volume control settings for various configurations with just a click of the mouse. Windows, all versions.

AboutTime from Arachnoid - This great utility syncs your computer clock with one of four known good time sources across the Internet. Windows, all versions.

TweakUI from Microsoft - This used to be available from Microsoft, but for some reason it's difficult to find on their site nowadays. Lets you adjust the Windows User Interface. Windows 95, 98, NT.

RegClean from Microsoft - This also used to be available directly, but no more. Cleans out the Windows registry. Windows 95, 98, NT.

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) formerly from AT&T Labs Cambridge - Allows remote control of one machine by another machine through the Internet. Multiple platforms supported, including a Java-based browser client.

PuTTY - A free Windows telnet and SSH client. Seperate programs for SFTP and SCP. Windows, all versions.

Opera - Fed up with Microsoft's Internet Explorer? Tired of dealing with Netscape? Replace them with Opera, an alternative browser with support for users with disabilities. Multiple platforms supported.

Analog - Logfile analyser program. See what is and isn't being used on your site, as well as failed requests, hacking attempts, and who's linking to you. Multiple platforms supported.

Xenu's Link Sleuth - Spidering software to check your site for broken links, missing images, and redirected URLs. Windows, all versions.

HTTrack Website Copier - Offline browser utility that lets you download and save an entire website to your local machine for perusal later. Retrieves HTML, images, and other files from the specified website. Windows, all versions.
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