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Every once in a while, we'll come across websites and pieces of software so good, we use them on a day-to-day basis. Here are just a few that may help you achieve your goals.

ForrestPerkins LLC
With offices in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC, ForrestPerkins is a hospitality design firm working with luxury and landmark hotels worldwide. ForrestPerkins came to for a simple presence on the web - one that doesn't change very often, and includes items they normally print and distribute. Let's take a look at the process they underwent.

SavTrav Productions / Rudy Maxa's Traveler
Initially, Rudy Maxa wanted a site for his newsletter, Rudy Maxa's Traveler. Nothing fancy, just something that would expose the world to his publication, allow people to subscribe, and talk about his radio show and other projects. It required monthly updates by someone with a fair knowledge of HTML. As time went on, this wasn't enough. Updates needed to happen more frequently, and if possible needed to be performed by office staff as opposed to dedicated website personel. Let's watch the process as Rudy's site went from from a static one to a dynamic database-driven site with a full content management system.

Metropolitan Washington Ear
The Metropolitan Washington Ear provides free services for blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled people who cannot effectively read print. has worked with the Ear on many projects, including replacment of their audio recording devices with computers, a digital automation system for their radio reading service, a 24-hour live audio stream on the web, and an online audio archive extending back four weeks.

Howard County Fair
Every August, Howard County, Maryland hosts the Howard County Fair. Animals are show and judged by individuals and members of 4-H. There are many other events as well, such as contests for baked goods, arts, and crafts. Keeping track of all the participants was a dreary, time-consuming task, especially with all the manual data entry into their pre-existing Access database system. With the help of, that manual data entry is dwindling away.
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